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8 Steps to improve quality and reduce delivery time

I am amazed at just how many remedial projects are around.
I thought the quality issues that plagued software delivery a decade ago were history and we have cracked the problem . So where do we still go wrong?

Beyond Scrum

Recent years have seen an explosion of orgnisations adopting agile processes or claiming to do so. This has led to an explosion of organisations claiming to assist in the adoption of these processes and managing the change process.

Along the way many who quote the agile manifesto as a mantra have managed to lose sight of the principles behind it. And suddenly agile has evolved into a methodolgy all of its own with organisations defining processes, attempting to standardise these and rigorously policing them. Recently I overheard a Scrum coach announce I'm sorry, but as a Scrum coach I cannot allow you to sit in the daily meeting.

Agile: Methodology, Process or Framework?

Agile: Methodology, Process or Framework?

Lets start with the dictionary definition of the word:

agile adj: 1.) quick in movement; nimble, 2.0 mentally quick or acute.

Life after Windows XP

Time's up

Today marks the day that the hugely popular Windows XP is consigned to history. Hopefully your office, as well as your home, has moved on by now. But if not where do you go from here?

We're so busy and we never get things done.

A common complaint within teams. Every agile practitioner knows the answer to this one!

Another victory for Open Source

Today saw the replacement of one of my most used apps with an open source alternative.

Warning: Your systems could soon be obsolete

The end of the road for XP

April 8, 2014 will mark the end of an era in computing history. That is the official date of the demise of the hugely popular Windows XP. Yet 25% of the worlds computers are still running Windows XP.

I want it all

I want it all

How often have you been frustrated by a management team that shies away from prioritisation because we know we have to have it all.?

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