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8 Steps to improve quality and reduce delivery time

I am amazed at just how many remedial projects are around.
I thought the quality issues that plagued software delivery a decade ago were history and we have cracked the problem . So where do we still go wrong?

Life after Windows XP

Time's up

Today marks the day that the hugely popular Windows XP is consigned to history. Hopefully your office, as well as your home, has moved on by now. But if not where do you go from here?

8 Steps to improve quality and reduce delivery time: Part 2

In Part 1 we looked at some conventional approaches to quality and exploded a few myths. Getting better at testing isn't the only thing you can do. Remember your customer doesn't care how good your code is if he doesn't have a usable, working solution.

Another victory for Open Source

Today saw the replacement of one of my most used apps with an open source alternative.

Warning: Your systems could soon be obsolete

The end of the road for XP

April 8, 2014 will mark the end of an era in computing history. That is the official date of the demise of the hugely popular Windows XP. Yet 25% of the worlds computers are still running Windows XP.

Isn't redundancy great?

Isn't redundancy great

About 18 months ago I got really fed up about the fact that I had lost 3 SATA hard disks in the space of about four months.

Open Source: What's it all about?

Open Source: What's it all about?

Open source software is free and the licence terms permit distribution of the source code.

Open Office has grown up

Open Office has grown up

For many years Microsoft Office® has been the de facto standard office suite. All the while a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) alternative has been gaining more widespread use in the business community.

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